This is the Distro Page of Anime-Sharing Translations Fortune Arterial Project (Formerly ChuuTranslations).

In case you cannot download the files below or have any problem with the patch, please drop by our Forum for support.

30 October 2012
And another Partial Patch released!

09 August 2012
Yet another Partial Patch released!

18 July 2012
Another Partial Patch release!

01 April 2012
Partial Patch released!

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Partial Translation Patch v0.4

Partial Translation Patch v0.5

Partial Translation Patch v0.6

Partial Translation Patch v0.7.1
This patch adds the translation for the Common route, Kiriha route, Kanade route, Shiro route, and the Bad end. This patch is tested to work on the original version of the game. Unfortunately, the original version of the game is no longer for sale. Please check our Forum if you have trouble acquiring it.

NOTE: It is advisable to uninstall previous patch first (Windows Uninstall) before applying the new one.

Fortune Arterial FA_EN_v0.7.1.msi
Filesize: 26.2MB
md5: 56AF4C2B01F19D5911D8F9F78BE3E326

Windows 7 x64 fix
If you run the game on Windows 7 x64, and are having issue with the game. Apply this patch and start it over. Do not load from a save game. Do try to use this patch if you have any problem launching the game regardless of your OS.
Credit to the original developer

x64 Fix FA-x64patch.rar
Filesize: 18.04KB
md5: 6D85C6757452273D96CDA8997F2B795D

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Channel: #anime-sharing
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